Ortiz vs Shamrock 3 - The Final Conflict Live Blog

Yeah, you better be excited because Scott and I are doing a live blog for tonight’s event. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the form of comments throughout the night…

- As you can tell by my prediction, Shamrock is going to knock Tito’s hair black tonight people! smile

- The first fight of the night will be Matt Hamill vs Seth Petruzelli

Matt Hamill vs Seth Petruzelli

Round 1:

Hamill takes Petruzelli to the cage early on. They break only to go back up against the cage after a moment. Seth goes for a body kick but his leg is caught by Hamill and he is taken down. Hamill controls from the top but his strikes are limited by Seth’s guard. There is blood coming out of Petruzelli’s right eye midway through the first round. Hamill takes Petruzelli down after a short stand-up exchange. Hamill digs his elbow into Petruzelli’s eye, attempting to worsen the cut. Hamill then controls the top position, landing a couple of solid strikes just before the round ends.

- Isn’t Hamill’s elbow into Petruzelli’s eye an illegal move?

- Hamill started the first round looking for the takedown early. He showed that he was solely focused on that and nothing else. Petruzelli was able to defend well early but Hamill was able to eventually take him to the canvas on more then one occasion.

- Petruzelli worked a fairly active guard while on the canvas but Hamill was able to avoid any submissions. Hamill was able to land a short elbow/punch that caused a huge mouse under the eye of Petruzelli.

- With the takedowns and damage done to Seth’s eye I scored the first round 10-9 for Matt Hamill.

Round 2:

The two begin the round standing and exchanging strikes. Petruzelli lands a nice front kick that stuns Hamill and sends him to the mat. Petruzelli goes after him on the ground but Hamill is able to reverse position and get on top of him. Petruzelli continues to go for a triangle throughout the round. Big John calls for a clean break and stands them back up because of a lack of action. They exchange some strikes and Hamill takes Petruzelli down once again. Petruzelli’s eye starts to bleed again very badly. Hamill continues to throw punches to the body and try to make Petruzelli’s cut worse until the end of the round.

- I wish that Hamill would do more on the ground to advance his position rather than just lay there like a rookie Josh Koscheck.

- Petruzelli looked solid at the start of the second when working his strikes but as was the case in the first Hamill had little trouble taking him to the canvas. Hamill showed he is fairly one demensional doing very little on the ground after securing the takedowns. While on the feet Hamill looked terrible through slow sluggish punches all while he stood there with his hands down. Petruzelli’s cut was effecting him a great deal as it was re-opened. I scored the round 10-9 for Hamill due to the takedowns.

Round 3:

Petruzelli throws some high kicks to start the round. Hamill is able to take him down once again and controls from the top while Petruzelli pulls a tight guard. McCarthy stands the two up again and Petruzelli quickly secures a guillotine but Hamill is able to get out of it with ease. Hamill starts bleeding underneath of his eye as well. Hamill gets back onto top position as Petruzelli slips and falls after throwing a punch. McCarthy stops the fight again to check on Petruzelli’s eye. Petruzelli elects to continue and Hamill takes Petruzelli down with a hard slam. Petruzelli gets an armbar towards the end of the round but Hamill is able to get out of it shortly before the fight ends.

The judges scored the bout 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 to the winner by unanimous decision, Matt “Hammer” Hamill.

Winner: Matt Hamill - Unanimous Decision

- Hamill continued the trend he set in the fight working numerous takedowns throughout the third. Petruzelli attempted to capitalized when on the feet and he was able to land a kick which cut Hamill’s right eye. Unfortunately shortly after he was taken to the canvas. I scored the round 10-9 Hamill and the fight 30-27 for Matt Hamill.

- Mike Goldberg announces that he will talk to UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin later tonight…

- Next up is a middleweight contest between ‘The Ultimate Fighter III’ star Ed “Short Fuse” Herman and Canadian born middleweight Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald.

Ed Herman vs Jason MacDonald

Round 1:

The two quickly tie up against the cage and Herman is able to take him down with a sweep. MacDonald gets on top and locks in a kimura but Herman is able to shake it off pretty quickly. They stand up for a short moment but MacDonald takes Herman down. MacDonald locks in a triangle that Herman is unable to get out of no matter how hard he tries. MacDonald opens the top of Herman’s forehead up with an elbow and blood starts leaking out on to the mat and on top of MacDonald. After holding on for about a minute, Herman is finally forced to tap out.

Winner: Jason MacDonald - Submission (Triangle)

- Fantastic showing by MacDonald…

- Excellent UFC debut by Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald. He paid his dues in smaller organizations and looked great tonight against Herman. I was pretty suprised to see how solid he was on the ground and at this point I am happy to say I picked MacDonald. smile

- Jorge Alonso? Where is Herb Dean or Mario

- Update…maybe it is best Herb Dean isn’t here because Shamrock would probably murder him after his call in Shamrock-Ortiz II.

- Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan interview Rich Franklin who assures everyone that he is ready for Saturday…

Kendall Grove vs Chris Price

Round 1:

The two start the fight standing and each land a few solid punches each. They clinch and go up against the fence where Grove takes Price down. Grove struggles to get past Price’s legs and eventually goes for a foot lock but Price is able to sneak out of it. They continue to grapple on the ground - Grove presses Price up against the fence and mounts him, landing a number of hard blows. Grove continues to punish while Price covers up, landing countless unanswered shots until the referee jumps in and stops the fight.

Winner: Kendall Grove - Submission (Strikes)

- It looked like it was going to be another questionable stoppage but Price looked hurt while he was knelt down on the ground. Actually nevermind, he tapped…

- 6’6 and 6’3 for middleweights??? Wow…

- Kendall looked great early in the fight working some hard strikes and takedowns. He rained down some hard shots while posturing up in Price’s guard before eventually securing the mount late in the fight. Kendall is a great job raining down some hard elbows. Price tried to use to use the fence to escape but was unable and the fight was eventually stopped as Price tapped out. Kendall looked great in his second UFC appearance…

- Kendall Grove states in his post-fight interview that he’d like to fight Rory Singer.

- Next up is the fight we’ve all been waiting for “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Tito Ortiz versus “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock.

Tito Ortiz vs Ken Shamrock

- Ken Shamrock is the first fighter to make his way to the octagon accompanied by the same entrance music he walked out to during the Ortiz vs Shamrock II fight. Shamrock looks focused and ready.

- Ortiz uses the same entrance as well…

- Ortiz looks ready as he gets the crowd into it by waving his flag and tossing his clothes into the crowd.

Round 1:

They clinch early and Tito muscles Shamrock to the fence. Ortiz takes him down and presses him against the fence - for a moment it looks exactly like the fight in June. Tito lands some nice punches to the body and face as well as some elbows. Shamrock controls Ortiz in his guard well until Tito gets loose and he lands a number of unanswered blows. Shamrock stops defending himself and McCarthy is forced to stop the fight. Afterwards Shamrock walks over to a hesitant Ortiz and shakes his hand. The two hug, exchange some words, and Tito and Ken walk around the Octagon with their hands raised.

Winner: Tito Ortiz - TKO

- Ken came in looking very calm and composed. When they first clinched Tito showed he is clearly the strong fighter as he overpowered Ken and jammed him up against the cage. Ken spun for a leg but was unsuccessful. Tito then works his patented ground and pound landing elbows from the guard he finished Shamrock off with a combination of elbows and punches.

Afterwards it was nice to see Tito and Ken embrace each other and bury that hatchet. Both fighters showed a great deal of respect shaking hands and thanking one another for the fight. Kudos to Tito and Ken and thanks for the great battles.

- In Ken’s post-fight interview he announces that it’ll be his last time in the octagon.

- Ortiz comes up and thanks Ken for what he has done in the sport and wishs him the best.

Be sure to check in with us Saturday night as we’ll be providing you folks with another ‘Live Blog’ for UFC 64: Unstoppable.


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