Tito Ortiz Likes to Talk

In a recent interview with O.C. Register Ortiz gave his thoughts on a third fight with UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock.

“ I have to get past Shamrock one more time,” Ortiz said. “That fight will be on Spike TV and it’s pretty much for the fans. I could have waited out until December and got my world title. All of those fans that were booing (at UFC 61) because they weren’t satisfied, they are going to get it again. It’s too bad it’s at the expense of Ken Shamrock’s health.”

“ This is to shut up his fans and make my fans happy because they thought it ended too quick last time,” Ortiz said. “It’s one of those things. I’m all about the fans and that’s why it’s free on Spike TV.”

If that wasn’t enough Ortiz went on criticize Chuck Liddell who previously knocked him out in two rounds. Also he decided to call Renato Sobral a great ‘B’ level fighter. Keep in mind that Babalu has continuously fought the worlds best fighters and he always comes to fight. He has gone up against the likes of Fedor Emelianenko, Kevin Randleman, Mauricio Rua, Jeremy Horn, and more. Hopefully the UFC can put together a Babalu-Ortiz match-up in the future.

“ He looked just like a normal Chuck Liddell,” Ortiz said. “Renato Babalu is not really as good as they try to make him to be. They kind of painted the picture more of what they think. I think that was a typical fight for Liddell. That fight will go the same way each and every time. The first time went 2 minutes and 30 seconds and this one went 1 minute. Renato Babalu is not really that great a fighter. He’s a great ‘B’ fighter and an average ‘A’ fighter. He’s not at the level of (Randy) Couture or Liddell or myself.”


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