O’Brien Injured, Murphy Taken Off UFC 72 Card

The UFC has removed Jake O’Brien-Tom Murphy from the official card for UFC 72 on Saturday night after they learned that O’Brien would be unable to compete due to chronic back problems.

There hasn’t been any signs that Murphy would be added back to the event before Tuesday but that could certainly change provided that the UFC finds a replacement opponent in time.

Ken Pavia, O’Brien’s agent, spoke with UFC Junkie and shed some more light on the situation involving O’Brien and his back:

O’Brien is suffering from “stingers,” a painful nerve injury that originates in the spine. The sports injury usually appears in athletes from contact and combat sports, such as football, wrestling and mixed-martial arts. According to Pavia, O’Brien has battled the injury since his Division 1 wrestling days at Purdue University.

“He started getting stingers in college, and they became a lot more frequent during preparation (for UFC 72),” says Pavia. “[They’re] causing numbness and temporary paralysis in his arms.

“It’s a pretty serious injury, and he’s getting treatment for it. I guess there’s always the possibility it’s career-ending, but we’re not sure. He’s getting intensive treatment five days a week.“


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