NSAC Suspends Sherk for Post-Fight Exit, Maybe

Sean Sherk. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Following his surprising unanimous decision loss to Frankie Edgar at UFC 98 this past weekend, Sean Sherk has been suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for 45 days. On top of his required medical suspension that is. At least so he says.

Just as Dana White stated after the bout, Sherk literally ran out of the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas with no shirt, and his fight shorts and gloves still on, neglecting to even give the ringside doctor a second to look him over.

According to Sherk, his emotions were running high and he went outside to take a jog and keep his emotions in check after suffering just the fourth loss of his career and his first defeat to a fighter that hasn’t currently or previously held the UFC welterweight title:

“After the fight was over I went for a run. I was kind of frustrated and just had to burn off some steam, so I just went for a jog,” Sherk told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show on Wednesday. And I left before I talked to the doctor. The doctor didn’t get a chance to look at me. I wasn’t hurt at all so I just said f—- it. I’m going for a run.”


“The Commission got kind of pissed because I didn’t talk to the doctor first and they suspended me for 45 days for that,” he said. “It’s kind of excessive I think. I don’t think I deserve to get suspended for going for a run. I wasn’t gone that long. I was gone maybe an hour. But what do you do?”

Despite Sherk’s comments, NSAC figurehead Keith Kizer has stated that Sherk’s suspension is medical-only. (He’ll be sidelined until July 8 with no contact until June 23 for precautionary reasons. A standard post-fight suspension.)

So who’s telling the complete truth in this situation? Sherk or Kizer? Also knowing Sherk, is this going to turn into another battle with yet another athletic commission? We’ll have to wait and see.


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