Nick Diaz to Compete in BJJ Superfight While Debating MMA Future

Nick Diaz's future in mixed martial arts remains up in the air. His camp says that their fighter still hasn't made a decision yet regarding his place in the sport, and he still also has a hearing next month in the state of Nevada.

For now, Diaz is content to just grapple.

The World Jiu-Jitsu Expo and Cesar Gracie, Diaz's trainer and manager, have confirmed that Diaz will compete in a BJJ super-fight at the WJJE on May 12 in Long Beach, Calif.

According to Gracie, Diaz wanted to enter one of the WJJE's tournaments, however, Expo officials chose to have him only compete in a super-fight. No opponent has been signed just yet.

Diaz, a black belt under Gracie, hasn't competed in a BJJ match in two years. Gracie said the UFC, "usually doesn't want (Nick) competing (in BJJ) if it's near a fight, (but) he has no fight lined up."


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