Nick Diaz Suspended, Fight Ruled No Contest

PRIDE veteran Nick Diaz has received a 6 month suspension from the NSAC for testing positive to Delta-9-THC. Along with the suspension, Diaz received a $3,000 fine and his victory over Takanori Gomi was changed to a no contest.

Alamo went on to say, “Mr. Diaz was 175. This creates a unique situation. I was there at this fight and believe that you were intoxicated and… that it made you numb to the pain. Did it help you win? I think it did.”

In his statements to the commission, Diaz said, “I wasn’t under the influence when I was fighting. I don’t abuse drugs normally; it was a one-time thing. It was very embarrassing for me to test positive.”

The NSAC also suspended Joe Pearson and Kit Cope. Pearson tested positive to Delta-9-THC and he received a 6 month suspension and $800 fine. Cope tested positive for Boldenone and he was suspended 9 months and fined $1,167.

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