My Thoughts on UFC 63

Where do I start…

How about Lauzon knocking out Jens? At the pre-fight press conference, Pulver saying that he would knock out Lauzon, while Lauzon wanted to submit him. Pulver was the much better striker coming into this - It’s very surprising that he got a taste of his own medicine.

I’m glad to see that both the light-heavyweight and middleweight divisions have new contenders. I thought that Lambert’s experience would pay off against Rashad but as always Evans continues to surprise everyone. I thought that Swick had a chance to win, but I had no idea that he was going to control Loiseau at that.

I wish that Swick would be more professional and quit being so cocky during fights, especially after he was getting his ass kicked in the last round. He was forunate enough to be able to coast through the third and pull out a victory. I was hoping Loiseau would have stopped him to teach him a lesson but Swick’s chin has improved greatly since his KO loss to Leben back in the WEC a few years back.

The AKA really needs to work on their guys’ conditioning. Just look at Buentello, Swick, and Prangley - all three have gassed completely by the end of their fights. That camp is phenomenal in improving striking ability, but lacking in the stamina department.

Do I think Swick should get a title shot? Not yet - I really believe that the UFC is going to give him Leben next, it’s the perfect time and Dana knows it. I wish that Evan Tanner would shave his beard and start training again but who knows that is going on with him at this point.

As for Hughes beating Penn - It’s something that I thought would happen in the end, just not in that fashion. My respect for Hughes just about tripled after he survived the first two rounds, especially holding on in a triangle and armbar at the same time for over a minute - absolutely amazing.

I’ve heard rumors that Penn had a broken rib and that’s the reason why he wasn’t able to do anything in the third - I personally think it’s crap, especially how it was said to be done - when Penn was switching to top position on Hughes.

BJ was gassed, no doubt about it and it’s his own fault too. He can’t get away with relying on pure skill anymore like he was able to do earlier on his career. There are fighters that are just as good as him now and even if they aren’t, they will last longer than him if he is unable to finish them.

If I was BJ, I would latch to a new team or pick up someone who will help him improve his stamina in the cage. He’s not going to be able to go anywhere without it.

I hate to see St. Pierre make comments about that, especially after hearing his awesome comments about Hughes in the past. It’s sad that he was probably told by someone to say those things just to build up the hype for the rematch.

Georges is lying out of his ass when he says that he wasn’t impressed. You could see the worry in his eyes when the fight was over. Hughes stopped Penn while Georges barely garned a split decision against another completely gassed Penn in that fight.



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