More Trouble for Adam Smith

It was already announced that Adam Smith had tested positive for cocaine and marijuana following the post-fight tests for Strikeforce’s Playboy Mansion event last month.

Now Smith has been found to have tested positive for two different types of anabolic steroids according to the CSAC, making Smith the first athlete to ever test positive for both anabolic agents and drugs of abuse in one instance in the state of California.

Ken Pishna breaks down Smith’s suspensions and fines:

His positive test for anabolic agents represents a second separate violation, which earned him a separate set of repercussions. He now will serve an additional suspension from June 26, 2008 through the end of his licensing year, which is Sept. 27, 2008.

He has also been assessed an additional 271 days to complete the second suspension (totaling 365 days), which begins when he reapplies for licensure in California. A fine of $2,500 was assessed for the anabolic agents test failure. The total time of suspension for Smith’s combined infractions is now 21 months with fines totaling $4,000.


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