More on this Silva to Middleweight Nonsense

I’m not even sure how this whole notion got started but I was immediately engaged into conversion about Wanderlei Silva possibly moving down to middleweight the day after he lost a unanimous decision to Chuck Liddell at UFC 79.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is no logical reason why Silva should move down to 185 lbs. None.

Sam Caplan has an excellent piece on this whole thing and his take is definitely a must read. He goes on to dispute Jake Rossen’s comments from his column earlier today on Sherdog, which claims that a drop in weight for “The Axe Murderer” is “reasonable”. Not in my opinion.

Why fights against Rashad Evans and Tito Ortiz should be chalked up as automatic losses for Silva is beyond me, especially when Silva has defeated a fighter with a similar style yet more talent than the two in Quinton “Rampage” Jackson on more than one occasion.

So Silva has lost three fights in a row? Are we forgetting that those losses have come against Chuck Liddell and Dan Henderson, two of the top pound-for pound fighters in history, and a guy that isn’t even in Silva’s own weight class in Mirko Cro Cop? I think many people are.

I still don’t understand why Rossen claims that Silva is more physically suited for 185 lbs:

An inflated 205er (and you can read as much subtext into that as you wish), Silva’s frame seems more naturally suited for 185 pounds.

We’re talking about a guy here that walks around close to 230 lbs when he’s not fighting. Can anyone else think of any above-average fighters competing at middleweight that cut that kind of weight? Off the top of my head I can only think of one - Rich Franklin. The automatic thought that a fighter should drop down to a lower weight after suffering a couple of losses in a row is getting to be a little too prevalent these days and is absurd.

There are way too many potential matchups left for Silva in the UFC’s light heavyweight division that he has more than a good chance of winning and that would be fun to watch as well as compelling to fans. Silva is a young 31 and just recently hooked up with Xtreme Couture. The guys there have the ability to change his game dramatically. Who is to say that they won’t?

So let’s review. Should Silva drop down to middleweight? No. Will he drop down to middleweight? According to what he told Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports, no, he won’t:

As soon as Silva said that, though, he smiled. He anticipated the next question would be whether he’d consider a drop to middleweight, where the limit is 185 pounds and the fighters are much more his size.

But he quickly ruled that out.

“That’s way too much weight for me to lose,” Silva said. “I couldn’t do it.”


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