MMA Segment Re-Aired on 60 Minutes

60 Minutes re-aired the segment on MMA titled: Mixed Martial Arts: A New Kind Of Fight from December 10, 2006.

Walk into any neighborhood and if they’re playing football on one corner, basketball on the next, baseball on the third and a fight breaks out on the fourth, everybody’s going to run and watch the fight. Hand-to-hand combat is strangely irresistible.

These days the national street corner is on TV, where millions are now being drawn to a new kind of fight called “mixed martial arts” or MMA. Not long ago the sport was banned as too vicious for decent society. But mixed martial arts came back swinging. In April, a fight on the Spike cable channel was watched by more young men than the NBA playoff game broadcast at the same time.

Video is available on the page with the article.

Hat tip to MMA Hearsay for the reminder.


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