MMA in New York Not Happening For Now

From wallyg on Flickr.

Several sources have now confirmed that earlier today, the Tourism and Sports Development of New York unanimously voted down a bill that would have legalized the sport of mixed martial arts in the state, seemingly putting months of lobbying by the UFC and it’s helpers to waste.

Sam Caplan at Five Ounces of Pain believes that the “mind-blowing” announcement that Dana White had for everyone


next Tuesday was that the UFC would be holding an end-of-year event at Madison Square Garden.

According to Caplan, White was likely assured that the vote was going to pass easily, clearing the way for an official announcement concerning the UFC’s intention to hold an event in the state later this year.

While it would seem that White is now totally screwed, he’s actually not. Also according to Caplan, several committee members attempted to change their vote following today’s meeting, prompting the bill to put back on the docket for early next week. I still don’t believe that this is White’s big news, (television deal with FOX/ESPN is my guess) but rather one of many announcements he would have made, and the bill being re-voted on still gives him a shot at holding a press conference on Tuesday as planned.

Stay tuned.


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