MMA for Dummies Videos now has six MMA for Dummies videos online.  Bas Rutten, Brad Blackburn and Kenny Florian each instruct in two of the clips.

Here’s Bas Rutten explaining how to pull off ‘The Exorcist’

For the other five, you can see them all here after the jump, or each individually on, which I’ll link to first:

Muay Thai Clinch
Ground & Pound Guard Pass
Staying On Your Feet
Arm Triangle Choke
Bas Rutten’s Neck Crank

MMA For Dummies: Muay Thai Clinch

MMA For Dummies: Ground & Pound Guard Pass

MMA For Dummies: Staying On Your Feet

MMA For Dummies: Arm Triangle Choke

MMA For Dummies: Bas Rutten’s Neck Crank


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