Mir Interested in TUF Road to Sylvia

Frank Mir weighs-in for UFC 48: Payback. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

With Frank Mir now riding a wave of two impressive performances and slowly sliding himself back into the UFC heavyweight title picture, one can only expect that the former champ will eventually clash again with another former title holder in the form of Tim Sylvia.

Of course everyone knows the history between the two. Mir won the vacant title in a 2004 bout that saw the Las Vegas native snap Sylvia’s forearm in half. Since then the two have gone down separate roads - Sylvia held the title for a near eight month period within the last two years while Mir has struggled until recently to get back into form following a devastating motorcycle accident over three years ago.

While a title bout against current interim champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is in the distant future, a potential rematch between Mir and Sylvia has become much closer to a reality now that the Miletich Fighting Systems product has failed in two straight attempts to regain the title.

In a recent interview with MMA Weekly, Mir mentions that he would love to have a rematch with Sylvia as well as the opportunity to build up the fight as coaches on “The Ultimate Fighter”:

“Obviously, the Tim (Sylvia) fight is always going to sell,” Mir said. “I’m trying, I wish that would work out where it’s for a title, me and Tim, so maybe we can do a show and coach, maybe do a lot of hype behind that one.”

While Mir’s idea is an interesting one, the reality show has never featured two heavyweights as coaches. A season highlighting heavyweights would help the UFC’s depleted heavyweight division greatly, but one can only question whether or not enough competent heavyweight prospects would be able to be gathered at the moment in the sport. Then again, who says that the two wouldn’t just handle fighters from a lighter weight class?


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