MFC to Change Weight Classes

Photo courtesy of the Maximum Fighting Championship.

The Maximum Fighting Championship has announced it’s decision to change it’s weight classes in the form of dropping it’s heavyweight division and adding the featherweight division to the organization, with the intention of crowning a 145 lb. champion early next year.

The promotion revealed the news Tuesday afternoon. The MFC’s first official featherweight bout will likely take place in November according to MFC President Mark Pavelich, who also has opted to strip MFC heavyweight champion and UFC veteran Scott Junk of his title after a series of recurring injuries have left him unable to defend his belt amidst the folding of his weight class.

“There is such an impressive field of 145ers out there that we felt it was very important to add this weight class and this group of exciting fighters,” Pavelich said. “With what we have done with the lightweights in creating a stellar crew of contenders and up-and-comers, we felt it was very possible to do the same with the featherweights. There are only a few organizations that feature the featherweights and even a smaller number that do it well with some strong fights.”

“But what we’re going to do differently is sign a stable of 16-20 fighters at 145 pounds and they will all be upper echelon guys,” Pavelich continued. “We will have the deepest roster of featherweights and make this a high-profile division. The top guys will fight each other which will create a proper champion and a great cast of contenders.”

Pavelich also added that although the heavyweight division has been disbanded, the MFC will still feature occasional heavyweights fights in the future.

“There really are only a handful of heavyweights out there that people want to see so why give the fans something they don’t want?” Pavelich said. “Fans of all types want to see things happen and they aren’t getting that from a pair of 260-pound guys tying each other up in the clinch. What the fans do want is excitement and most of that is currently coming from the fighters in the 155- and 170-pound ranks. So why not give them more excitement by adding another division of fast-paced action?”


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