MFC 11: Gridiron Weigh-In Results

Here are the weigh-in results for MFC 11: Gridiron.

Jared Kilkenny (204.2) vs. Victor Valimaki (204.6)
Ryan Jimmo (231.6) vs. Adam Braidwood (253.2)
Roger Hollett (203.6) vs. Mike Maurer (204.0)
Steve Bruno (171.2) vs. Graydon Tannas (170.0)
Matt Dutkoski (169.4) vs. Nigel Zettergreen (172.8)
Aaron Gallant (167.8) vs. Ryan McGillivray (170.4)
Dan Chambers (184.8) vs. Sean Locke (185.0)
Tim Blanchard (166.4) vs. Ryan Machan (169.6)
Kyle Ayotte (167.2) vs. Mike Bell (169.4)
Paul Ebejer (145.6) vs. Josh Kyrejto (145.8)

This show has garnered alot of coverage in Canada due to the fact that the CFL’s Most Valuable Canadian at the 2005 CFL Grey Cup, Mike Maurer is appearing on the card. Also on the card will be UFC veteran Victor Valimaki.


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