Mezger Claims Salmon is “Irresponsible”

HDNet Fights matchmaker Guy Mezger discusses Sean Salmon’s decisions to twice cause himself to be removed from separate HDNet Fights events, claiming that the fighter has made some bad decisions during a recent interview with MMA Weekly:

“I think he makes incredibly bad decisions,” Mezger said about Salmon. “Sean’s a good guy, but he makes some very poor decisions and he allows his manager to help influence some of his most important decisions.”

Salmon was pulled from HDNet Fights inaugural event in October after he took a fight against Mikko Rupponen at Fight Festival 22 in Finland just weeks before his scheduled appearance in Mark Cuban’s newest venture. Salmon was victorious but was removed from the HDNet Fights card since he violated the contract he had with Cuban and company.

Mezger went on to talk about the circumstances surrounding Salmon making another mistake after he was given a second chance:

“He told us he was fighting a different opponent, someone who I wasn’t really fearful of him losing (to), let along being knocked out,” said Mezger about Salmon’s original fight in StrikeForce. “He chose to instead go to enter himself in the tournament when there was an opportunity to do it, which he did not let us know he was going to do and which was not part of our agreement and he went and lost and so that’s where it goes.”

Salmon was brutally knocked out by Jorge Santiago in the first fight of that tournament. He is currently on an indefinite medical suspension put forth by the California State Athletic Commission and won’t be permitted to fight again until he receives clearance from a physician.

Are we ever going to see Salmon again? I’m sure there’s a chance but it’s probably not going to be in HDNet Fights anytime soon:

“I’ll be honest, he’s become unreliable for us so it’s really difficult for us to build in and around him with basically being irresponsible,” Mezger stated. “I feel it’s kind of irresponsible decisions, but he’s a good guy. We may look down the road to do something with him, but I think for right now we need to work with the guys who are going to work with us.”


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