Melvin Guillard Suspended 8 Months

Last month UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard tested positive for a cocaine metabolite during his post-fight urine test. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has handed Guillard an 8 month suspension along with a $2,100 fine.

At his disciplinary hearing in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Guillard admitted that he used cocaine. Guillard said that on Friday, March 30th, he was hanging out with some friends and not intending to use any drugs, but “one thing led to another” and he ended up trying cocaine. Guillard said that he thought the drug would be out of his system within 72 hours and that he absolutely did not expect to test positive when he fought six days later.

Guillard will be required to provide the NSAC with a negative drug test before he is able to fight in the state of Nevada again.


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