Maynard Announces Plans to Appeal

Kyle Maynard has announced his intent to file an appeal that will attempt to reverse the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission’s ruling that denied him an amateur MMA license earlier this week according to The Fight Network.

“I’m going to go and appeal this,” said Maynard, who is on a media blitz with scheduled interviews with the Los Angeles Times and USA Today. “Like I said about the fight, nothing past it really mattered to me. I’m taking the same approach with this process.”

Maynard stated that he is targeting a hearing for September 11th, the next schedule date that the GAEC is set to convene. Maynard also stated that if the commission turned down his appeal once again, that he would consider legal action.

“I’m going to do whatever it takes to fight,” Maynard said. “I want to fight in Georgia. I definitely want to do this fight here.”

Maynard said that he was shocked by the GAEC’s decision and was very confident going into the proceedings:

“I was about 98 percent sure I was going to be able to go in there without them holding me back,” Maynard said. “I didn’t see it coming. We sat in that room for well over an hour. They apparently made up their minds before that meeting. I have to figure out what it is they’re seeing that causes them concern over my safety. I think they need to figure that out, too.”

They asked me how I was going to tap out,” Maynard said. “I’ve been choked out before. I’ve never had any problems letting the referee know I was done.”


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