Matt Hughes vs Thiago Alves at UFC 85 (Updated)

Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

That’s according to Hughes himself in a blog post on his own website,

BREAKING NEWS: June 7th Fight

June 7th, in England, I fight Thiago Alves. The fight is confirmed, it will be the main event for the card. Dana just called me with the news. Chuck got hurt and couldn’t fight, so he needed a replacement and called me and I said yes. More news as I get it. No matter what happens in this fight, I’ve got Serra next. -matt

Its been widely expected that Matt Hughes would wait it out to get a shot at his bitter rival, Matt Serra.  But Matt has usually been pretty accurate when posting to his own site.  I’d expect to see some sort of confirmation from the UFC in the next few days. 

Update 8:30pm ET: The UFC has confirmed this fight as being the main event for UFC 85.  They also officially announced the Rashad Evans vs James Irvin and Michael Bisping vs Chris Leben fights.


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