Mark Cuban, MMA Defender

Leonard Shapiro, writing for the Washington Post, rips into CBS for airing MMA, referring to it as a “so-called sport” in his opening paragraph.

For all of Shapiro’s insisting that MMA is barbaric and setting our culture backwards, we have quotes like these:

And wouldn’t it be something if CBS aired its first MMA telecast a few hours after its Saturday afternoon Masters coverage on April 12? Perhaps network publicists could refer to the twin bill as Beauty and The Beast.


Oh yes, women will also fight it out on CBS, yet another revolting development.

So women who want to fight shouldn’t be allowed to?  And the “Beauty”, the Masters, is held at Augusta National Golf Club - no women members there*.

So, what year is it supposed to be?

Shapiro goes on to attack various people associated with mixed martial arts, including HDNet founder Mark Cuban:

Even billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is getting involved, promoting MMA matches and also airing them on his HDNet channel on DirecTV. For that alone David Stern ought to fine and suspend him. He probably yells at those refs, too.

Cuban retorts:

Maybe rather than surfing past the fights, you should actually watch one. Or better yet, since you apparently cover Football, talk to a player on the Redskins or better yet, the team doctor and ask them if they “beat the bloody bejabbers out of each other”. Then ask them this, “are there automatic suspensions for any hints of concussions or injury after every game or simply for precautionary reasons ?” There are after every fight in MMA

I started writing this before I even realized he linked back to MMA on Tap (nice), but Cuban’s sentiments echo my own.  Just watch the fighters.  Watch how they train, watch how they’re governed.

What was once fringe is now more regulated than some of the top team sports in the country.

* Women are allowed to play at Augusta National, as long as they’re with a member.


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