Making the Case for Tank Abbott

Photo by Esther Lin/Pro Elite.

Just by looking at tomorrow night’s bout between Kimbo Slice and Tank Abbott, the average fan can likely already tell that Abbott doesn’t stand much of a chance. It’s nothing against Tank, but Kimbo simply has too many ways to win this fight. He’s the superior fighter going into this one and it’s hard to dispute that.

Let’s be honest here. Since 1998, Abbott has only won two fights and he’s lost seven of his last eight fights. His lone win was a knockout of Wesley “Cabbage” Correira, who spoiled Abbott’s UFC homecoming back in 2003 by defeating the Huntington Beach native courtesy of a cut.

However Tank has been through the fire before. Looking past his record, he’s hung in there with some of the best and he always has the ability to end the fight with one punch. Plus with everything said, I still feel like I need to at least attempt to make the case for him in this fight, so here it goes…

Tank has power: We all know this, it’s no secret. Despite what everyone may think, Tank has the power to knock Kimbo out, there’s no question about it. All we have to do is look back to Abbott knocking out Correira in 2005, you know that guy we all thought had a head full of concrete and stuff and couldn’t be knocked out?

Kimbo doesn’t have the best chin. We’ve seen it before in his street fights. However the key here is whether or not he will want to engage in a stand-up war with Tank. Just like in his exhibition bout against Ray Mercer, he could just opt to take Tank down, where he has a clear cut advantage. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Tank has the experience: Even though Tank really has only one way to win this fight, the fact that he’s been fighting for well over a decade bodes well for him. It’s likely that Abbott has seen positions during the course of a fight that Kimbo hasn’t, no matter how many different scenarios Bas Rutten tries to put Kimbo in during training sessions.

No pressure for Tank: There is no pressure for Tank Abbott going into this fight. None. He has nothing to lose. In 10 years, he’s won once and that’s it. However all of the pressure is on Kimbo in this one. Unlike Mercer who obviously didn’t even attempt to learn ground skills for their fight and Bo Cantrell who came in on short notice, Tank poses a huge threat in the exact place in this fight where Kimbo is the best.

So there’s the case for Abbott going into this fight. It might not seem like much and it might not change anyone’s mind, but it at least shows us that Tank does at least have a chance against the big bad monster.


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