Mahood Announces Potential Retirement

Bill Mahood revealed that he did indeed knowingly take anabolic steroids, just one day after the California State Athletic Commission announced that Mahood had tested positive for the banned substance Drostanolone following post-fight tests for Strikeforce’s Playboy Mansion event last month:

“I did in fact start the use of an anabolic agent approximately the third week in August,” he admitted. “This was at a time that I thought I was done fighting and was suffering from a chronic joint inflammation of my hip.”

“I do believe that there was no benefit from the amount ingested,” Mahood continued, but seemed repentant about the result. “I still tested positive and for that I would like to apologize to Strikeforce, Bodog Fight, and the sport of MMA in general.

Mahood also announced that the chances of him stepping back into the cage or ring in the future are doubtful:

“I will continue to work hard to further the sport of MMA as a promoter, trainer and manager, but it is unlikely I will continue to fight due to chronic recurring injuries.”

Mahood compiled a professional MMA record of 15-6-1-1 over 7 years in the sport, racking up wins over Jason MacDonald and Chris Haseman among others. His lone UFC fight was a submission loss to Forrest Griffin at UFC 53. Mahood also did stints in TKO, BodogFight, and King of the Cage. Notable opponents that Mahood faced during his career include Patrick Cote, Bobby Southworth, and Tim McKenzie.



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