MacDonald Talks Short Notice Fight Process

Jason MacDonald. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Despite having to re-arrange some plans, Jason MacDonald‘s decision to accept a fight on short notice against Jason Lambert at UFC 88 in two weeks turned out to be a no-brainer. With his disappointing loss to Demian Maia still fresh in his mind, the ideal way for MacDonald to get back on track is this kind of situation.

From his blog on

So Saturday I get an email from Joe Silva, the UFC’s matchmaker. I didn’t see it that day, but Sunday morning I get up and read this message asking if I’d be interested in fighting Jason Lambert. So obviously I jumped all over it.

The only hesitation was from a family standpoint. My whole family was supposed to go to Nova Scotia to visit my parents. So the only thing was reorganizing my plans for the next three to four weeks. I asked Joe if he could give me until noon to give him an answer so I could rearrange things. And we were able to.

But the timing is perfect for me, because everybody is going to be training over the next few weeks. And that’s always a good time, because everyone else is focused and preparing for their fights.

This is a very interesting fight. MacDonald is a pretty big guy at 185 lbs but Lambert is going to be even bigger than him dropping down from light heavyweight. I think Lambert will want to keep this fight standing for the most part and we already know that MacDonald doesn’t mind standing and banging. Is it that good of a decision considering Lambert’s power? Even though he may not be able to match Lambert’s wrestling, MacDonald has a significant edge in the submission department and I think it’s his best bet to win this fight.

Also in related news, MacDonald’s trainer, Josh Russell, has signed on to compete at MFC 18: Famous on September 26th. Welterweight prospect Ryan Ford will take on longtime veteran LaVerne Clark in the show’s co-main event.


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