MacDonald Plans to Wear Lambert Down

Jason MacDonald. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“I think at this point in my UFC career all the fights I face are tough, and I don’t think Lambert will be any different. What I do think is that the first time you cut the weight down to a level you haven’t before it’s tough. With Lambert, we’re talking about a guy who has fought at heavyweight, then was down to light-heavyweight, and now he’ll have his first fight at 185. I think that’s definitely to my advantage. As the rounds go on, I think the weight cut will wear on him.”

- Jason MacDonald discusses his upcoming middleweight bout against Jason Lambert at UFC 88: Breakthrough this Saturday night in his latest blog post for Rogers Sportsnet.

MacDonald’s strategy to attempt to wear Lambert down couldn’t be more perfect. Lambert’s first fight at 185 lbs is certainly going to have some kind of effect on his stamina and he’s never really been known for his gas tank anyway. Look for a weakened Lambert to be taken down and submitted in later rounds.


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