Loiseau Leading HCF to New Heights

David Loiseau weighs-in for UFC 51: Super Saturday. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

For the longest time, it seemed that Stephane Patry’s TKO Championship Fighting was Canada’s premiere mixed martial arts organization. After all, with the likes of Georges St. Pierre and Patrick Cote headlining shows and an unofficial working partnership with the Ultimate Fighting Championship going for them, who could disagree?

However as TKO’s stars started to move on to bigger and better things, APEX Entertainment Group and Championship Fighting Series quietly merged together to form Hardcore Championship Fighting. Then came the signing a slew of big-name fighters. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Aleksander Emelianenko joined the fray and suddenly the tide began to turn.

With all signs pointing towards the organization likely being purchased by ProElite, Keith Crawford and company now focus on their latest event, named specifically after star middleweight David Loiseau, who will face Todd Gouwenberg in the main attraction at tomorrow night’s “Crow’s Nest” show.

For Loiseau, it’s a chance to get back on track. Consecutive losses forced the Canadian out of the UFC and he hasn’t fared much better outside of it lately either. Most recently, Loiseau fell victim to a bogus decision on the judge’s scorecards, a split decision that even opponent Jason Day felt went the wrong way.

“I was really disappointed about it but you know, you have to move on and keep rolling,” Loiseau said during a recent interview session. I think Jason knows that he didn’t win that fight. I’m sure a lot of people that have seen it know it too. But there’s nothing I can do about it now except focus on my next fight. I need to get back to winning.”

Winning is something that came early and often throughout Loiseau’s career up until the fall of 2006. With the Montreal native now having lost four out of his last five bouts, even HCF CEO Keith Crawford realizes that the time for Loiseau to turn things around is now.

“David cannot afford another loss or his career in mixed martial arts will be limited,” Crawford said in a recent press release. “Todd will be very tough. He lost to Minotoro Nogueira, who’s probably in the top six at 205 lbs. Todd wasn’t given a chance in that fight. But even though it was a loss, it was a good loss.”

“If the old David shows up for this fight, my description of the fight would be that everybody goes to the hospital,” Crawford exclaimed.

In Gouwenberg, Loiseau will be facing a fighter holding a distinct size advantage over him. If Gouwenberg’s recent performance against Nogueira proved anything, it’s the fact that Loiseau will be in for a stiff test Saturday night.

“Todd is an aggressive fighter and I know he’s definitely going to bring it,” Loiseau said. “He’s really well-rounded, on the feet and on the ground. He’s has really good takedowns so I’ll need to watch out for that good. All of his skills added up, I’m expecting a very good fight.”


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