Link of the Day: BJJ Saves Too

Jake Shields demonstrates a rear-naked choke. Photo by Esther Lin.

Pretty cool story out of California - A nine-year-old boy saved his friend from a pitbull attack by subduing the dog via rear naked choke:

Drew Heredia says he and a friend were walking her small dog Tuesday when, out of nowhere, a pit bull jumped on the dog. The 12-year-old girl tried to save her little dog, and the pit bull turned on her.

Heredia says he jumped on the dog and applied a choke hold that he learned by taking classes at a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu studio in southwest Bakersfield. He held the dog for 20 minutes until an animal control officer arrived.

The video inside the article says that Heredia had only been taking classes at a local gym for two months, not that it’s not enough time to learn how to apply the choke properly. Still, it’s pretty amazing that the dog wasn’t able to turn out of it looking at the size of the kid.

HT: Cage Writer


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