Lindland Exposes Bodog Fight

Matt Lindland weighs-in for UFC 52: Couture vs Liddell II. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

We all now know that after almost a year of inactivity, former UFC middleweight title contender Matt Lindland will return to action inside the confines of a new but currently unknown mixed martial arts promotion after signing a multi-fight contract with the organization.

Speculation suggests popular clothing company Affliction, which had recently been rumored to have been in conflict with the Ultimate Fighting Championship after deciding to start their own promotion, is behind the deal as well as Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions.

However that’s only half the story. Why didn’t Lindland fight for months? Apparently Bodog Fight isn’t as innocent as they make themselves out to be…

From MMA Weekly:

“I lived up to my end of the bargain (with Bodog Fight),” Lindland said in a recent interview. “I haven’t fought since April, anticipating two more fights with Bodog. I was exclusive with them for that period of time. That’s why I hadn’t done any negotiations outside of that contract. I was upholding my end of the bargain and dealing with them with integrity and honesty. I was being forthright, but they weren’t doing such. It was very difficult.”

“I mean, I could go after Bodog Fight, but they have no assets,” Lindland continued. “They set up these shell companies and they’re not paying their fighters. They don’t honor their contracts. It was very disappointing.”

After realizing that he wouldn’t be fighting twice more before the end of his contract, Lindland asked to be bought out. That didn’t work either.

Bodog now just gets added to a list that includes the IFL, UFC, EliteXC, and the old PRIDE as organizations that fighters have accused of treating their fighters like shit. At the same token, there are many other fighters involved with those promotions that have nothing but positive things to say about them.

I guess at this point, we have to chalk it up to the experience a certain fighter has with an organization.


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