Lierley Plans to Switch Things Up in Rematch

Shad Lierley throws a straight right at Chris Horodecki at an IFL event in June 2007. Provided by IFL. Getty Images.

Imagine getting a title shot in only your first year as a professional in MMA… Sounds insane doesn’t it?

Well that’s exactly what has happened to Shad Lierley as he’s been given an opportunity to challenge undefeated lightweight phenom Chris Horodecki for the vacant IFL Lightweight Title at the IFL Grand Prix Finals later this month. Lierley and Horodecki clashed earlier this year in what turned out to be a definite ‘fight of the year’ nominee. Horodecki came away with an unanimous decision victory.

We were able to post video of the fight courtesy of the IFL last month. You can find it here.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Shad late last week and get his thoughts on a chance for redemption against Horodecki.

MMA on Tap: So who are you training with for this fight?

Lierley: I’ve been bouncing around the Seattle area. I’ve mostly been training with my fellow Seattle Tiger Sharks for this fight. Maurice Smith and Brad Blackburn have been helping me out. I’m doing some additional training at West Coast Fitness too. I’ve also been able to work with Ivan Salaverry which has been awesome so far.

MMA on Tap: When did you find out that you were going to be fighting Chris?

Lierley: I only found out a few weeks ago. The entire time I was training for a fight where I thought I was going to be fighting Savant Young in a preliminary bout.

MMA on Tap: That had to be a surprise…

Lierley: I was definitely surprised but it was a pleasant surprise at that. I’m very excited to be able to get back in there with Chris and get another shot at him.

MMA on Tap: The fight is obviously a chance for redemption but now it’s for the title. How does it feel to have a chance at championship gold?

Lierley: I think that everyone wants to fight for a title. I know that my aspirations coming into the sport were always to eventually work my way to a title opportunity at some point. A lot of people don’t realize that I’m only in my first year in MMA. It’s gone by fast but it’s been a lot of fun and now I’ve already gotten a title shot, it’s crazy. I’m really excited about it.

MMA on Tap: Your last fight against Horodecki was a war on the feet for the most part. Is your plan going into the fight to try and stand with him again or are you going to take a different approach this time around?

Lierley: Well I have to say that I love to just stand and bang on the feet. My goal in the last fight was actually to take Chris down a couple of times and it seemed like I was able to score some take-downs pretty easily against him. I still think we’ll spend some time on the feet but I’d like to take the fight to the ground a little bit more this time.

Shad would like to thank V2 Vodka for sponsoring him in this fight. You can check them out at their official website.

MMA on Tap would also like to thank Shad for taking his time to do this interview.


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