Liddell vs Jardine Confirmed for UFC 76

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports UFC president Dana White confirmed that Chuck Liddell vs. Keith Jardine will headline UFC 76 on Sept. 22nd in Anaheim.

“Keith Jardine is a tough guy,” said White. “He got caught. That can happen. But Chuck got caught too.

White bristled at the notion Liddell-Jardine is not a headline-caliber match. “It is definitely a main event, in my opinion,” he said. “Jardine beat a lot of good guys, and he absolutely deserves to be fighting Chuck. He wouldn’t if Chuck still had the title, but I don’t think he needs to win a lot of fights just to get a fight with Chuck.”

It was originally thought that Liddell would be facing Wanderlei Silva at UFC 76 but the fight fell apart at the last minute. Silva has gone on the record saying he will be ready for a fight with Liddell in November.


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