Liddell-Rua Possible for June?

Chuck Liddell weighs-in for UFC 76: Knockout. Photo courtesy of

Chuck Liddell vs Mauricio “Shogun” Rua - How does that sound?

According to Chuck himself, it just might happen. Liddell revealed in a recent interview with John Wertheim of Sports Illustrated that his next opponent could be the former PRIDE star. Just trying to throw you off your game. So what’s next for you? Have you been told your next opponent?

Liddell: Possibly Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. That’s what they’re saying. If it’s the June fight, it will probably be in London. But my trainer is trying to get it moved to Vegas. Too far. (Liddell is based in San Luis Obispo, Calif.)

The Fight Network found out from a member of Rua’s camp that the Brazilian will not part of UFC’s April event in Canada because he already has an opponent for June:

“We wanted it, but the UFC didn’t have a spot available in April,” said a member of Rua’s camp. “They already have an opponent for him in June, although we were trying to have a fight in May.”

This could be an interesting fight and a possible great matchup for Liddell. Just like Wanderlei Silva, Rua loves to push the envelope and come right at his opponent, which is a dream come true for a counter-puncher like Liddell. In order to win this one, “Shogun” will have to find a way to counter Liddell’s wrestling with a ground attack that will keep Liddell off-balance during scrambles. Should be a fun chess match to watch if it does actually go down.


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