Letícia Ribeiro Invited to ADCC 2007

TATAME is reporting that BJJ world champion Letícia Ribeiro has received an invitation to compete at ADCC 2007 which will be held May 5th and 6th in New Jersey.


“I got pretty happy about this invitation. That was the only feminine invitation. I think this is the recognize of my job I have been doing for a long time”

“Royler is in Canada doing some seminars and he guaranteed to me that will be there on my corner”, said Letícia

Females representing Brazil at ADCC 2007 will be:

Under 55kg:
- Bianca Andrade
- Letícia Ribeiro

Under 60kg:
- Kyra Gracie
- Vanessa Porto

Under 67kg:
- Juliana Borges
- Hannete Quadros

More than 67kg:
- Rosângela Conceição


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