Leben-MacDonald at UFC 66?

Sherdog is reporting that Chris Leben will take on Jason MacDonald at UFC 66 on December 30th…

For more analysis on this potential matchup, let’s bring in my sidekick, Scott White.

Scott, what are your thoughts on this matchup between two extremely talented middleweights?

The way i look at it is, Leben will have the advantage standing and Macdonald will have the edge on the ground. Macdonald can easily win the fight, its just going to come down to who imposes their will and excuses their game plan the best. If MacDonald can withstand Leben’s strikes and take the fight to the canvas he’ll be fine. I wouldn’t be suprised to see this one go to a decision. I don’t know much about MacDonald’s striking ability but if he is technically sound he may be able to stand with Leben much like Santiago did before Leben caught him throwing a lazy shot. MacDonald is a very big middleweight as well so he should have the strength advantage.


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