Lashley Talks Potential MMA Debut

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It’s been widely rumored for sometime now that after abruptly leaving World Wrestling Entertainment earlier this year, professional wrestler Bobby Lashley would most likely follow the footsteps of former co-worker Brock Lesnar and enter the world of mixed martial arts.

With championship amateur wrestling credentials and years of training at the American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose under his belt, a transition into MMA could be very feasible. However it’s now up to Lashley himself to take the next step.

In a recent interview with The Daily Star, Lashley discussed the potential of him entering the sport among other things. His non-compete clause with WWE now expired, it’s been reported that Lashley may be waiting for the birth of his child with former female wrestler Kristal Marshall before making any decisions concerning his future.

“I want to knock people out on my feet and submit people,” Lashley said in the article. “I want to be an MMA guy who used to wrestle.”

However Lashley has still not written off a potential return to wrestling, most likely with TNA, where good friends Booker T and Kurt Angle currently reside. While all signs currently point to Lashley leaning towards returning to his most recent profession, TNA’s taping schedule would make it feasible for Lashley to fight as well.

Lashley stated that he has his sights set on his MMA debut taking place in either August or October. It’s interesting to note that Affliction Clothing is planning on holding it’s second show of the year in the fall.

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