Larenas-Bosse Under Review by QAC

Loretta Hunt of The Fight Network is reporting that the fight between former TKO Heavyweight Champion Icho Larenas and popular hockey enforcer Steve Bosse that took place at TKO 31: Young Guns this past weekend is currently under review by the Quebec Athletic Commission.

TKO president Stephane Patry revealed the news on The Fight Network’s daily radio show yesterday.

According to Patry, the QAC will be looking to see if Larenas verbally submitted during the bout. Larenas suffered an unintentional poke in the eye by Bosse during the second round of the bout. Referee Yves Lavigne stopped the bout and allowed the ringside physician to take a look at Larenas.

Larenas apparently told Lavigne that he was unable to see and Lavigne ended up giving Larenas a few minutes to recover:

“It was bad. The doctor [asked] me if I could see and I said, ‘No, I can’t see. I was seeing double. It was bad, very bad,” Larenas told The Fight Network following the bout. “I couldn’t focus, so he told me ‘Take your time. We’ll give you two or three minutes to decide.”

Now this is an interesting situation. Normally when a fighter can’t see because of a cut the fight is always stopped. But this is a poke in the eye. Fighters are traditionally given up to five minutes to recover. If the doctor checked his eye, cleared him to continue, and Larenas said that he wanted to keep fighting even though he said that he couldn’t see earlier, there’s no reason to overturn the decision since the events occurred under the correct guidelines.

Here’s Patry’s take on things:

“[Yves] Lavigne, the referee, checked the cut and then he had the right to call the doctor in, which he did, which is perfect,” Patry said. “But once the doctor has a look at the cut, he has to decide right away can he continue – yes or no. If the doctor says ‘Yes’, which he did, then the referee has to [ask] Icho ‘Yes or no?’ If Icho says ‘Yes,’ he has to continue. If he says ‘No,’ Bosse wins by TKO. Icho told the referee ‘I can’t see anything,’ and he took the five minutes. It’s not Icho’s fault. They gave him five minutes. Of course he’s going to take it.”

It seems to me already that there are mixed signals here. It’s going to come down to the commission’s interpretation of Larenas’ original “I can’t see.” If they interpret that as Larenas giving up before having his eye checked, then Bosse would become the winner by TKO due to injury. It’s going to be interesting to hear the ruling.


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