Landi-Jons Injury Gives Gassaway Win at TKO 32

Jose Landi-Jons delivers a body kick to Mitch McElroy at the BodogFight: Paradise Lost tapings. Photo courtesy of BodogFight.

Jose Landi-Jons suffered a brutal leg injury in the second round of his main event fight against fellow journeyman Brian Gassaway last night, handing Gassaway his third straight win under disappointing circumstances at last night’s TKO 32: Ultimatum.

The pleasant crowd inside the Bell Centre in Montreal, the same arena where the Ultimate Fighting Championship will travel to in April, saw Landi-Jons score early and often with a barrage of leg kicks in the first round. Gassaway responded with a straight left that momentarily stunned the former Chute Boxe co-founder but Landi-Jons will able to keep his composure and eventually take Gassaway down to the canvas.

Landi-Jons quickly transitioned to side control, where he was able to hold Gassaway down for the majority of the round. After an effective ground and pound attack slowed down to nothing, referee Yves Lavigne opted to stand the two up where they exchanged a mix of kicks and punches until the horn sounded.

The two went right back into exchanging at the start of the second round. However a checked leg kick ended up snapping Landi-Jons ankle, sending him crumpling to the canvas. Gassaway pounced on his opponent and landed a couple of unanswered rights before he noticed that Landi-Jons was injured. Lavigne moved in to stop the fight while Gassaway waved ringside doctors into the cage.

Landi-Jons was taken away on a stretcher but gave a thumbs-up while being wheeled out of the arena that the crowd enjoyed.

Jesse Bongfeldt retained his TKO welterweight title with a late submission of top contender T.J. Grant. The two engaged in an entertaining war that saw each fighter land hard punches standing and pull off aesthetically-pleasing grappling moves and holds throughout the course of the fight.

After coming out guns blazing to start the third round, the champion swung away with wild punches, allowing Grant to score an easy takedown. After landing a pair of right hands on his opponent, Grant ended up getting caught in an armbar and was forced to tap out in the middle of the final round.

Complete event results are below:

Brian Gassaway def. Jose Landi-Jons - TKO (Injury)
Jesse Bongfeldt def. T.J. Grant - Submission (Armbar)
Derek Gauthier def. Yannick Galipeau - Submission (Choke)
Samuel Guillet def. Jordan Mein - Submission (Kimura)
St├ęphane Vigneault def. Daniel Ferguson - TKO (Strikes)
Guillaume Lamarche def. Justin Tavernini - Split Decision
Adrian Wooley def. Syd Barnier - TKO (Strikes)
Johan Croes def. Mark Fraser - TKO (Strikes)
Jeff Harrison def. Tyler Jackson - Submission (Guillotine)
Ben Gallant def. Scott Wright - TKO (Strikes)
Tim Wadsworth def. Brad Duguay - TKO (Strikes)
Christopher Hulme def. Vladmir Victor - TKO (Strikes)


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