Kurt Angle: “I’m Fighting Randy Couture” (Updated)

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Mar 20 7:00 AM: The FightWorks Podcast has informed us that Professional Submission League is currently in talks with both fighters regarding a potential submission grappling match. The PSL is the same organization where Couture grappled Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza in November 2006. Like I said before, Angle was a little overzealous with his remarks.

I’m not making this up but I’d take it with a grain of salt.

During a recent audio interview with Between the Ropes, an affiliate of ESPN 1080 in Orlando, Kurt Angle revealed that has signed on to fight current UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture later this year.

“I’ve signed with an organization, I can’t tell you who it is, but we’ve both signed on to do it, me and Randy Couture,” Angle said during the interview. “It’s probably going to happen in late summer or late fall. I started my training for it last week.”

Angle also went to say that he would never go into a fight against Couture without being ready, attempting to dispel a rumor that started to float around earlier this week concerning recent comments he made according to the former Olympic wrestler.

He also discussed how the UFC was the only promotion to actually offer him enough money to fight but he didn’t take the deal since Dana White wanted him to quit wrestling with TNA.

I have to be honest, when I first started listening to the interview, I really didn’t think it was Angle. It sounds sort of like him, but not really. However after doing a little searching and finding that Angle sounds exactly the same in his interviews with our friends at Jarry Park, I’m assuming that it’s him.

Now as for whether or not his comments are legit remains to be seen. Angle has always been known to be a bit of an exaggerator and I highly doubt that Couture would have and will sign anything until his contract with the UFC is all figured out.

However if this turns out to actually be something, could it be Golden Boy Promotions that is making a bigger splash than we actually realize?

Something tells me that will probably turn out to be nothing more than a submission grappling match.

Turns out this news comes out the same day that Zach Arnold finds that Angle may also be fighting in a “mixed martial arts-type” of match against Naoya Ogawa and Josh Barnett. Sounds more like a pro wrestling shoot match courtesy of the brains of Antonio Inoki to me. Then again, this Angle-Couture thing could be something similar.

Touch of gloves to reader “Humpzilla” for the assist.


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