Koscheck Wants Sanchez

In a recent article written on UFC.tv, welterweight contender Josh Koscheck, provided some strong thoughts on fellow contender Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez.

“Diego Sanchez,” he said without any hesitation. “I don’t like his attitude. He is too cocky. Plus, I think would be a big fight. Hey, I’d pay (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva money to let me fight Diego Sanchez in my next fight.”

“He should be embarrassed that he barely beat me when I didn’t know a damn thing [about fighting],” he proclaimed. “I lost to him by split decision on the show in a fight that could have gone either way. Everyday, I live with the fact that he is one up on me. He beat me fairly. But it won’t happen again.”

“His wrestling ability is a D- compared to mine. I’m an A+,” Kos quipped. “You can’t even put us in the same sentence when it comes to wrestling. Diego relies on his wrestling to gain advantage over his opponents. He can’t play that card against me. If we went to the ground, he would be fighting from his back, not from the top position, and he isn’t the same fighter in that scenario. Sure, he is the better submission grappler. But I’ll be dropping elbows on his face when we’re on the ground. We’ll see how good his submission grappling is at that point.”


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