KJ Noons vs Edson Berto Live Blog

I turned on ShoXC just in time to see Jaime Jara knocking out Jeremiah Metcalf in the first round.  Outside of seeing a nice punch, Jara has a ton of tattoos.  There’s some insight for you.

KJ Noons vs Edson Berto was about to start, so I thought I’d do a casual live blog.

Round 1

They went to the ground pretty quickly.  After some ground work, Berto tried to quickly submit Noons.  Noons was able to break free and much of the rest of the round was spent on their feet.  They traded shots here and there, Noons favoring punching, while Berto was mixing in some kicks, high and low.  Noons lands more in a round with some decent action.

Round 2

Shortly after the round starts they’re on the ground again.  Noons is slipping out of every submission attempt by Berto and Berto is clearly frustrated.  When they return to their feet Berto looks like he’s already out of gas.  There are still three minutes left in the round and Berto is already clock watching.  Noons paces after him around the cage, punching high and low, and even mixing in a couple of kicks.  Berto tries to take Noons down a couple of times, but simply doesn’t have the strength.  With good ground defense and a good upright attack, Noons clearly dominates the round.

Round 3

Berto comes out with a kick to start the round and just for a second you think he might have something back.  Noons responds well and then thwarts a takedown attempt.  Noons continues to be the aggressor on foot.  Berto goes for a dive takedown and Noons lands a big knee to Berto’s head.  The ref quickly puts a stop to it as Noons pounces on Berto, only getting in a couple of shots before it’s stopped.

Noons celebrates by jumping on top of the cage and flexing.  Berto remains on the ground.

Noons’ strengths were definitely his striking and his ground defense.  He looked very good, and made good MMA decisions throughout the fight, proving he could be more than just a boxer.  He must be itching for a rematch with Charles “Crazy Horse” Bennett after tonight’s fight.

Quick note to Showtime: It would have been nice to have seen tonight’s bouts in HD.


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