Kimo Leopoldo Applying for CSAC Director Job

Kimo Leopoldo. Photo courtesy of

Unfortunately this isn’t a joke…

Snippets from a press release sent out this morning:

Keeping in tune with President Obama’s call for much needed change, Kimo formally applied for the CSAC job last week. “There are so many areas of the CSAC that needs more organization including simple things that most people do in their everyday lives. For example, providing promoters with receipts on CSAC letterhead would be a good start. From my past experiences, the CSAC had its receipts written on any old receipt book that you can buy at CVS.

“I am fully dedicated to my sport and all related sports regulated by the CSAC. MMA is in a fragile state in California and it needs guidance. I have had my ups and downs in this industry but, overall, I have 14 valuable years of real life experience in MMA and Kickboxing that nobody can take away from me.”

Remember, this is the same Kimo Leopoldo that tested positive for the banned steroid Stanozolol twice in the span of a two-year period. You can read the full release here. I’m all for change after Armando Garcia’s tenure as well, but c’mon.


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