Kimbo Slice in the UFC? Never Say Never…

Kimbo Slice. Photo by Esther Lin/EliteXC.

One would think that after all of the badmouthing UFC President Dana White has done concerning Kimbo Slice that the former street brawler would never make it inside the ranks of mixed martial arts’ biggest promotion. There’s a reason why they say that anything is possible.

At a launch party for Viking Studio’s new book “Fighter: The Fighters of the UFC”, USA Today’s Michael McCarthy caught up with White and asked him about the chances of ever seeing Slice in the UFC. The answer was expected, but still pretty surprising:

“I wasn’t going to offer Kimbo Slice a chance to fight in the UFC — but a chance to fight his way on to Ultimate Fighter. If you want to be in the UFC, go do the reality show,” said White.

Putting Slice, the EliteXC main eventer, at the lowest rung of the UFC pecking order would probably help Ultimate Fighter’s TV ratings. Would White still make the offer after Slice’s defeat Saturday?

“Maybe,” he says before walking off to chat with Hollywood actress Gina Gershon.

If there was ever a way to revive ‘TUF’ from the lackluster rapport it has gained with hardcore and casual fans alike, the inclusion of Kimbo Slice on a future season would certainly be the answer.


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