Kevin Randleman Hospitalized

Kevin Randleman’s Hammer House teammate Wes Sims has announced that Randleman was admitted into the hospital earlier this week with signs of kidney failure…

From MMA Weekly:

According to Randleman’s friend and training partner Wes Sims, Randleman was admitted to the hospital a few days ago and remains there today. Sims did not have much detailed information about Randleman’s condition, “He’s in the hospital, but I haven’t even been able to talk to him yet.” Sims did verify that it was a severe problem with his kidneys including some degree of failure.

It is not known if the kidney failure is life-threatening at this point. We will certainly be sure to pass along any new information we receive as soon as we get it…

Update 9:38 PM: MMA Universe is reporting that Randleman will now be making a full recovery as he has been taken off all medication and is now only on IV fluids to help him get rehydrated. 


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