Keith Kizer Comments on Vaseline Controversy

Georges St. Pierre. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

More and more facts are coming out regarding Phil Nurse allegedly rubbing Vaseline on the back and shoulders of Georges St. Pierre during his fight against B.J. Penn this past Saturday. So who was the Nevada State Athletic Commission official that entered the Octagon and warned GSP’s corner? Turns out it was Keith Kizer himself:

“After the first round, one of my inspectors came to me and told me he thought he saw one of the cornermen—I believe it was Phil Nurse … after putting Vaseline on [St. Pierre’s] face, he saw him rub his shoulders, and it appeared as though he might not have wiped off his hands,” Kizer said. “After the second round, we observed Mr. Jackson putting Vaseline on Mr. St. Pierre’s face and then putting his hand on his back.”

At that point, Kizer attempted to get Jackson’s attention from outside the cage.

“I don’t think he heard me because of all the noise in the arena, so I immediately walked into the Octagon myself—I’ve probably done that two other times in my career—and told him to take his hand off Mr. St. Pierre’s back,” he said. “We took a towel and wiped off his back. After the third round, we went in again and made sure his back and shoulders were wiped off to ensure a level playing field.”

So according to Kizer it was both Phil Nurse and Greg Jackson that were rubbing St. Pierre’s back in between rounds. He’s right too, because all sorts of television angles have shown both cornermen doing it multiple times. With that said, it doesn’t mean they were rubbing Vaseline on his back either.

Is this going to turn into that serious of a situation? I don’t know. At the moment, it’s pretty serious… everyone is going crazy over it. However the NSAC has yet reprimand St. Pierre’s camp nor has Penn’s side filed a complaint with the commission. There’s a lot to be done and a lot of waiting to take place.


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