Kalib Starnes Releases Statement

Kalib Starnes weighs-in for UFC 77: Hostile Territory. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Kalib Starnes, a former cast member of the third season of “The Ultimate Fighter” that was recently released by the Ultimate Fighting Championship following a dismal performance against Nate Quarry at UFC 83 last weekend, has released an official statement concerning his departure.

I would like to begin by saying that I was very happy to fight in Montreal, and that I trained really hard for my fight. I know that there were many people, including myself, who were disappointed with my performance, and I would like to apologize to my coaches, trainers and the fans for what happened. It was by far the worst fight of my career, much to the credit of my opponent who proved to be a real monster in the ring, I think that they should keep him in a cave somewhere and feed him raw meat!

I regret having to discuss this matter in the press, and would have preferred to discuss it in private. I was not given this opportunity and feel as though I was forced into a position where I had to respond publicly to the pointed and biased case building against me in the press.

Regardless of my dissatisfaction with my contract, I will say that to the best of my knowledge the UFC honoured all agreements made with me while I was under contract with them. I do not blame the UFC in any way for my loss, and I hold no grudges against Nate Quarry or his corner.

This sport is as much about losing as it is about winning. There is a winner and a loser in every fight. I tried to win but on that night I couldn’t do it and I lost. Instead of allowing me to lose with dignity I was booed and called names and ridiculed beyond anything which seems reasonable to me. I tried to box with him and I couldn’t find my range, I tried to kickbox with him and I broke my foot, I tried to take him down and grapple with him but I was unable to, I tried to work in the clinch but that didn’t work either, in short, I failed. No excuses.

During the fight I received a broken bone in my right foot and I find out tomorrow if I need to have surgery and get a pin put through it so that it will heal properly. I also have severe bruising on my left thigh, lumps on my head, a fat black eye, a sprained jaw and damage to the nerves in my molars.

Since the fight, extremely biased articles and commentary have appeared everywhere; articles which were of course reprinted quite extensively by those lacking the imagination to make up their own lies. Accusations flew and continue to fly about every aspect of my life and character. I’ve heard reports that I appeared on a radio show in Montreal attacking the UFC, that I threw the fight in protest, that I’ve been abandoned by my team over my performance, that I escaped from a polygamist colony in Texas as a child, that I was homeless for years surviving on nothing but peyote caps and good intentions, etc, etc.

I’ve been bombarded by questions from every media organization you can imagine. You’d think that I had knocked up Britney Spears, or strangled Paris Hilton’s pet Chihuahua. They ask me clever questions like; Why would you want to be released from your UFC contract? Were you injured? What was it like on that reality show? Exactly what is a “hollaback girl”? Do lion-tiger hybrids (ligers) really exist? And finally; Which is better, chocolate, or vanilla? .

I have been asked to appear on Inside MMA Friday to discuss it further. I will make copies of my medical records relating to UFC: 83 available upon request.


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