K-1 World Grand Prix 2007 Hits Las Vegas on August 11

Hard-hitting demolition man and two-time K-1 tournament champion, “Mighty Mo” Siligia, will face off with 2006 K-1 North America tournament victor, Chalid “Die Faust” Arrab, in a Superfight battle during K-1’s return to Las Vegas, Nevada’s Bellagio on Saturday, August 11th.

In addition to the pair of Superfights, the event will feature K-1’s customary eight-man, single-elimination tournament in which fighters from all over the globe will vie for a place in competition in Japan later this year.

The 33-year-old Siligia is coming off his second career K-1 tournament conquest, April 28th’s eight-man, single-elimination playoff in Hawaii, where he stopped all three of his opponents. The 6 foot 1 inch, 280 plus pound Samoan-born brawler, who resides in California, reeled off six consecutive victories in 2007 before suffering his only defeat of the year, a three-round judges’ decision defeat at the hands of 7 foot giant, Semmy Schilt, in Amsterdam last weekend.

Midway through his debut season with K-1 in 2004, Siligia established his presence in Las Vegas by defeating three straight opponents, including championship round adversary, Brecht Walis, whom he stopped in two rounds to emerge North America champion on August 7th of that year. The win in Sin City earned Siligia a place on a K-1 card in Tokyo, Japan where he overpowered and scored a first round knockout on another notorious puncher, “Big Daddy” Gary Goodridge.

Siligia’s power will be challenged by the sound kickboxing skills of the 31-year-old Arrab, a native of Germany and member of famed, Holland-based martial arts fight team, Golden Glory.

Arrab earned his first K-1 tournament title on April 29th of last year after scoring a first round knockout on quarterfinal round opponent, Sean O’ Haire, and a thrilling, third round knockout on championship round adversary, Goodridge. Arrab, whose nickname “Die Faust” is German for “The Fist,” had been originally eliminated from contention in the event’s semifinal round after he gave up a close-cut decision to former K-1 champion, Carter Williams. Williams, however, declared that a leg injury he had sustained in the fight with Arrab would prevent him from being able to take advantage of his championship round berth. The rules of K-1 mandated that Arrab take his place in the final round of action, thus giving Arrab a second wind.

Bellagio Ballroom doors will open for “K-1 World Grand Prix 2007 in Las Vegas” at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, August 11th and the card’s first preliminary bout will begin at 5:30 PM. The eight-man tournament will commence at 7 PM.


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