K-1 World GP 2007 Live Blog

Tonight we will be going live at 1 AM EST, covering the K-1 2007 World GP with one of our patented live blogs. Be sure to leave comments throughout the night…

K-1 World GP 2007 in Hawaii

K-1 USA GP 2007 Tournament:
Mighty Mo def. Kyoung Suk Kim
Jan Nortje def. Julius Long
Patrick Barry def. Gary Goodridge
Alexandre Pitchkounov def. Tatsufumi Tomihira

Mighty Mo def. Jan Nortje
Alexandre Pitchkounov def. Patrick Barry

Mighty Mo def. Alexandre Pitchkounov

K-1 Heavyweight Title Match:
Badr Hari def. Yusuke Fujimoto

Remy Bonjasky def. Glaube Feitosa
Hong-Man Choi def. Mike Malone
Junichi Sawayashiki def. Randy Kim

- Just about go time folks!

- Bruce Buffer is in the ring introducing the fighters.

- The crowd just stood for the singing of the national anthem.

- The lights dim as they prepare for the beginning of the show.

- The first match of the evening is Mighty Mo vs. Kyoung Suk Kim.

Mighty Mo vs. Kyoung Suk Kim

- Kim is the first to make his way to the ring. He raises his arms as he enters the ring but garners little reaction.

- Mighty Mo is the next combatant to walk to receiving a solid reception from the crowd.

Round 1:

They come out and touch gloves before moving back. Kim tosses a leg kick early and Mo counters with an overhand right. Kim throws another leg kick and Mo nails him with an overhand which causes him to slip. They restart and clinch before being separated. When they restart Mo lands a shot that puts Kim to the canvas. The ref gives him time to recover and then they get back to action. When they restart Kim tosses out a few punches and miss. He then throws a high kick that misses and Mo quickly charges forward with a left bomb that knocks Kim out. Kim hits the canvas and the ref immediately calls an end to the fight.

Mighty Mo - Winner KO Round 1

- With the victory Mo moves on to the next round of the tournament.

- Up next is Jan Nortje vs. Julius Long.

Jan Nortje vs. Julius Long

- Long is the first guy to come out looking calm and composed.

- Next out is Jan “The Giant” Nortje. He slowly makes he way down the ramp as he stares into the ring.

Round 1:

Long quickly comes forward looking to exchange. Nortje lands two leg kiks and then Long gets him up against the ropes. Long fires off some punches and Nortje reverses it allowing him to lang a few knees. After two stalls the action resumes. Nortje lands a hard low kick but Long responds with some good punches. They get in close but very little happens. Both fighters stand in the pocket and exchange some hard low kicks. Nortje beginning to get the better of the kicking exchange. Long changes the pae but landing some hard punches which look to have Nortje in a bit of trouble. They clinch and the ref steps in to separate them. As they are separated the ref calls a timeout to fix a cut over the eye of Nortje. Action resumes as Long lands a low kick and punch. Nortje charges forward with some punches. They begin to exchange wild shots before clinching. Nortje is able to land a high kick as they back up. Both guys then toss a couple of shots before the round ends.

Round 2:

The second starts and Nortje immediately comes out with a low kick. They begin to exchange punches and it looks like Long is getting the better of the exchange. Nortje then backs off and fires off some very hard low kicks that hurt Long. Long is having trouble standing and he is dropped by another low kick. Long is given 7 seconds to recover and then the fight resumes. When the action resumes Nortje goes back to work attack the legs of Long. After 3-4 more low kicks Long gets down again and the referee calls a stop of the fight.

Jan Nortje - Winner TKO (Leg Kicks)

- Next up is a bout between Gary Goodridge and Patrick Barry.

Gary Goodridge vs. Patrick Barry

- Patrick Barry slowly makes his way to the ring with his entourage following closely.

- Next out if UFC, PRIDE and K-1 veteran Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge. Goodridge spends a good amount of time on the stage with his sister as he shadow boxes we a nasty grin on his face.

Round 1:

The first round starts with a glove touch. Barry comes out with an excellent kick to the body followed by a high kick that is blocked. Barry then lands a low kick that trips Goodridge. They stand back up and Barry continues to attack firing off hard punches and kicks. Barry lands a low kick and Goodridge goes down. The fight resumes and Goodridge charges forward, Barry rocks him with a high kick and then he gets him against the ropes where he begins to tee off landing hard shots along the ropes. Barry tees off as Goodridge tries to cover up, Barry is able to open a big cut over the eye of Goodridge. The referee decides to stop the fight to check the cut, the doctor decides the fight should be stopped so Barry is declared the winner.

Patrick Barry - Winner TKO (Doctor Stoppage)

- Goodridge was visibly upset afterwards as he charged out of the rind and into the back.

- Up next is Alexandre Pitchkounov vs. Tatsufumi Tomihira.

Alexandre Pitchkounov vs. Tatsufumi Tomihira

- Tomihira comes out first looking very calm and focused. He stops before entering the rind and says a prayer before taking his gear off and preparing for the battle.

- Next out is the Russian Alexandre Pitchkounov.

Round 1:

The round starts slow as both guys come out looking for openings. Pitchkounov fires of 3-4 leg kicks before Tomihira reponds with a few of his own. Tomihira tosses off the front kick as he looks for an opening. Pitchkounov reponds with a good low kick. Tomihira comes forward with a good combination of punches and kicks. Tomihira continues to move forward as they exchange low kicks. Tomihira lands a 3 shot combo but it is quickly counter by Pitchkounov. They are separated after a clinch and Pitchkounov immediately begins to attack landing numerous punches and kicks as he gets Tomihira up against the ropes. Tomihira covers up as Pitchkounov continues to fire away. Tomihira survives but Pitchkounov continues his pursuit with another hard combo and this time he drops Tomihira. The ref lets him recover. Action resumes and Pitchkounov throws a kick that lands low. Tomihira is given a minute to recover. Just before the round ends Pitchkounov charges forward with a combo and then the bell rings.

Round 2:

The second starts with Tomihira coming in with a high kick that is blocked. Pitchkounov tries a spinning kick but it doesn’t land. Pitchkounov gets in close as he fires off shots. Pitchkounov continues to move forward as he has Tomihira hurt. He works the body and head before Tomihira gets in close and clinches. The referee separates them. When action resumes Tomihira fires off a few shots from the outside but Pitchkounov quickly fends off his attack as he charges forward with another solid combo. After two restarts they continue to exchange in the middle. Tomihira finally gets going as he lands some punches and knees before clinching again. They are separate and when action resumes Tomihira throws a high kick followed by a few knees. Pitchkounov responds with some hard punches that force Tomihira to cover up. The move apart and exchange a few kicks. Pitchkounov gets Tomihira up against the ropes as he throws some short shots. Pitchkounov backs away and they meet in the middle. Tomihira fires off a high kick followed by a couple of bunches and then the bell sounds to end the round.

Round 3:

The third starts with Tomihira moving forward looking for the kill. Tomihira throws a kick to the body followed by some excellent punches in close. They clinch and are quickly separated. Pitchkounov lands a good low kick but Tomihira continues to move forward with good knees and punches. Pitchkounov lands a knee that puts Tomihira to the canvas. He is given an 8-count and then he stands back up. Pitchkounov begins to attack him landing at will to the head and body. Clearly feeling it Tomihira backs up and holds the ropes. He tries a couple of kicks that fail and then Pitchkounov moves forward and lands some more shots eventually sending Tomihira to the canvas. The ref then calls off the fight.

Alexandre Pitchkounov - Winner TKO

- Up next is Junichi Sawayashiki vs. Randy Kim.

Junichi Sawayashiki vs. Randy Kim

- Randy Kim is the first fighter to come out walking to Linkin Park’s Don’t Stay.

- Next out is Sawayashiki who quickly makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.

Round 1:

Both fighters circle to begin the round as they look for an opening. Sawayashiki lands a good low kick as they continue to circle. Sawayashiki counters Kim’s jab with another good low kick. Sawayashiki continues to toss out the leg kick as Kim attempts an unsuccessful combination. Sawayashiki lands a few more hard low kicks and then Kim comes in with a hard right. Sawayashiki fires off another hard low kick which is answered by a low kick from Kim. They both then move in and land hard bunches and in the follow through Sawayashiki slips. He quickly returns to his feet and they continue to fight. They circle with little action. Kim eventually tosses of a low kick. Sawayashiki responds with a good high kick that garners a great reaction from the crowd. The round then ends moments later.

Round 2:

The second starts and immediately Sawayashiki looks to land the low kick. Kim moves forward with an excellent leg kick as they continue to size each other up. Kim fires off two kicks as Sawayashiki responds with a low kick and a hard right. Kim charges forward wtih a wild combo that has no effect as Sawayashiki covers up. They get up against the ropes and begin to swing both guys land some punches and then move apart. They exchange low kicks and then return to the middle. Sawayashiki continues to land his right leg kick at will as Kim tries coming forward with some combos. Kim fires off some punches that are blocked and Sawayashiki is able to counter with a hard right. Sawayashiki continues to fire off landing some excellent punches. Kim attempts a spinning backfist that misses. Sawayashiki begins to fire off landing at will, Kim has no answer as he eats unanswer shots. The ref steps in to call it a knockdown as Kim is out on his feet. Kim is given a chance to recover but he is unable to as he had nothing left in the tank.

Junichi Sawayashiki - Winner TKO (Strikes)

- Looks like it is semi-final time… Jan Nortje is making his way to the ring to face off with Mighty Mo.

Jan Nortje vs. Mighty Mo

Round 1:

Both fighters come out tentative. They bounce around and exchange a couple low kicks. Mo charges forward with an overhand that misses. They exchange some shots against the rope before separating. They return to the middle where Mo throws 4 unanswered leg kicks. Finally Nortje responds with a low kick of his own. Nortje throws another low kick but hurts himself in the process has he wobbles having trouble standing. Mo charges forward firing shots but Nortje survives the flurry. He begins to call Mo on as they meet in the middle. Mo lands a big shot putting Nortje to the canvas. Nortje gets his 8 count and returns to his feet. When the fight resumes Mo charges forward looking to land the big overhand right as he fires off a few low kicks at the same time. Mo lands a few punches as the round comes to a halt.

Round 2:

They continue where they left off in the second. Nortje comes out looking to land his ring. Mo lunges in with a big right that is blocked. Both fighters attempt a few big shots that all go short. Mo is able to land a few more hard low kicks as Nortje tosses out his jab. Nortje continues to fire off his jab as he catches Mo a couple of times. Nortje tries a kick to the body but it is blocked. Mo lunghes forward with some big bombs that Nortje survives. Mo backs away but moments later he charges forward again with some huge shots and this time he sends Nortje to the canvas. Mo is declared the winner as Nortje lays on the canvas.

Mighty Mo - Winner KO

- Up next is Patrick Barry vs. Alexandre Pitchkounov.

Patrick Barry vs. Alexandre Pitchkounov

Round 1:

They begin the fight with a glove touch. Pitchkounov kicks off the action with a body kick that is blocked. Barry lunches is with a hard punches with Pitchkounov blocks with his gloves. Pitchkounov tosses a few odds shots as Barry begins to stalk him. Barry moves forward throwing a straight right followed by a high kick that misses. Barry continues to toss out his jab followed by a hard low kick. Pitchkounov moves forward with some lazy punches as Barry answers with some stiff straight rights. Barry throws a high kick that is blocked. Pitchkounov attempts a spinning kick but Barry is able to avoid it. Barry pelts Pitchkounov with a low kick as he continues to changes levels going body to head.  Barry misses two shots and Pitchkounov is able to answer with a good short uppercut. As the round ends Barry lands a solid low kick.

Round 2:

The second starts with a glove touch as Barry immediately begins to move forward. He tosses a few straight punches and then Pitchkounov looks to exchange. Both guys toss some hard shots along with some solid leg kicks. Pitchkounov continues to move forward with punches as Barry throws low kicks. Pitchkounov comes in and lands a high kick that sends Barry to the canvas. He takes a 6 count to recover. When the fight resumes Pitchkounov charges forward looking for the kill as he fires off punches, kicks and knees. Barry is able to cover up from some of the shots as he still looks very hurt.  Pitchkounov continues to move forward throwing a spinning kick to the head. He then lands some hard knees as Barry does nothing to defend against the ropes. The bell rings to end the round.

Round 3:

The final round starts with a glove touch. Barry comes out with a few jabs followed by two low kicks. Again Pitchkounov comes in with a combo of punches and knees before moving away. Barry lands a good low kick as he follows Pitchkounov. Pitchkounov tries a spin kick to the body that misses. Barry gets Pitchkounov up against the ropes as he looks to land some punches. Pitchkounov backs away as Barry moves in with punches and low kicks. Barry does a good job of changing levels working the body and head. Pitchkounov begins to toss a few kicks and jabs as he eats some low kicks from Barry. Pitchkounov attempts to get in some knees but Barry defends. Barry lands a few more hard low kicks. Barry goes to throw a low kick and it looks like he catches Pitchkounov’s knee. He falls to the canvas in pain but he is able to return to his feet before he is counted out. The round ends as Barry slips again.

Alexandre Pitchkounov - Winner (Decision)

- According to Bruce Buffer it’s intermission time. Barry can be seen ringside talking to Ray Sefo.

- We’re back and we’ll be seeing Hong-Man Choi step into the ring with Hawaii’s Mike Malone.

Hong-Man Choi vs. Mike Malone

Round 1:

The fight begins with a glove touch as the freakshow is underway. Choi tosses out a few lazy front kicks as Malone dodges away. Malone bounces around as Choi looks to corner him. Malone avoids eating a big knee from Choi. Malone throws an overhand right followed by a knee. Choi responds with a couple of punches but Malone then moves away. Choi comes forward with a left. Malone throws a low kick and then Choi charges forward with a knee that puts Malone down. He gets his 8 count and then the fight is restarted. Choi comes forward and lands a punch that puts Malone back down. The fight resumes and Malone lands a low kick. Choi begins to throw some shots as Malone throws a punch inside. Just as the round is ending Malone throws a low kick that trips Choi and puts him on the canvas.

Round 2:

The round begins with a glove touch as Malone continues to be quick on his feet avoiding the range of Choi. Choi continues to move foward was Malone sprints away. Choi misses with a combo and then Malone comes in with a wild kick followed by a few punches. Choi then lands a shot which puts Malone down. When Malone recovers the fight resumes and Malone is able to land two overhand rights. Choi attempts a knee as Malone comes in with a punch. Malone tries jumping in with a punch and he gets knocked down again. He is unable to continue due to an injured leg.

Hong-Man Choi - Winner TKO (Injury)

- Up next is Remy Bonjasky vs. Glaube Feitosa.

Remy Bonjasky vs. Glaube Feitosa

Round 1:

The fighters come out and touch gloves. Feitosa tosses a few low kicks early but Bonjasky responds with shots of his own. Bonjasky lands a good straight right, he then throws a three punch combo followed by a high kick. Feitosa throws a body kick followed by a few jabs. He continues to work the kicks as Bonjasky moves forward with some shots of his own. Feitosa throws a straight followed by some kicks to the body. Both guys exchange punches and kicks but they cover up well and block anything damaging. Feitosa comes in with a knee that looks to sneak through. Feitosa works the legs of Bonjasky as he comes forward with punches. Bonjasky finally responds with some punches and kicks. Feitosa throws a couple more punches and the round ends.

Round 2:

They start the second by kicking of the action immediately, Feitosa lands a good knee and punch combo but Bonjasky responds with a good punch and high kick. Feitosa moves forward with some punches and low kicks as Bonjasky covers up. Bonjasky explodes and lands a good punch and low kick. Feitosa continues to work the legs. Bonjasky blocks a high kick and then throws a couple of punches followed by a high kick of his own that is blocked. Both fighters exchange some punches and kicks that miss. Bonjasky is able to land an excellent knee. Feitosa continues to toss the low kicks as Bonjasky moves foward with a good combo. Feitosa attempts a high kick that fails. Bonjasky ends the round strong as he fires off a fire punches followed be a high kick and a knee.

Round 3:

They come out and touch gloves. They immediately begin to exchange. They go toe to toe in the middle exchanging punches and kicks. Bonjasky lands some good knees and then he gets Feitosa up against the ropes and throws a few high kicks. Feitosa attempts a high kick but it is blocked. Feitosa tosses a low kick and then Bonjasky tries coming in with a knee again. Bonjasky throws another knee but on the way in he eat a few punches. They exchange low kicks and punches. Bonjasky just misses with a high kick. He then gets in a knee. Bonjasky throws some low kicks as Feitosa works his punches. Feitosa just misses wtih a high kick. The 10 mark sounds and Bonjasky explodes firing punches and kicks against his opponent who is on the ropes.

Remy Bonjasky - Winner (Decision)


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