K-1 Dynamite!! USA in Doubt?

The title says it all. The Fight Network has posted an article which states K-1 Dynamite!! USA is in danger of not happening.

According to the article, Fight Entertainment Group (FEG) have yet to be granted their license by the California State Athletic Commission.

A CSAC representative says the hold-up has been FEG’s inability and hesitation to submit financial paperwork, requirements the state agency stipulates of all its applicants.

After numerous requests FEG still has not submitted the bond necessary to cover fighters’ purses for the June 2nd show. No bond = no event.

It was also noted that lightweight Javier Vasquez had dropped off of the card and K-1 had attempted to replace him with UFC veteran Gabe Ruediger but the request was denied as he is currently under suspension in Nevada.

The CSAC says it has not received even preliminary paperwork for 19 of the 22 fighters slated to participate. This includes the 14 foreign fighters K-1 had agreed to deliver stateside beginning May 17. Kazushi Sakuraba, who faces Royce Gracie in a rematch, is scheduled to arrive in the US tomorrow. At this time, the CSAC can not confirm that any of the foreign fighters are now stateside.

Things aren’t looking very positive for K-1 Dynamite!! USA… 90,000 seat arena, no promoters license, and no replacement for Carano or Vasquez. What’s next?

Update: 12:07 AM: The Fight Network is reporting that FEG submitted papers to the CSAC today but after a careful review the CSAC decided it was not enough to grant FEG a promoters’ license.

Two hours following the story, the CSAC says they received documents from FEG, though after careful review, the state agency announced this afternoon the paperwork is far insufficient to accommodate a request for a promoters’ license and is “not what we asked for.”

“We have drawn a line in the sand,” says Bill Douglas, CSAC Staff Analyst who has handled the majority of the last two month’s interaction with the Japanese company trying to bring its first MMA event to the US. “If they do not deliver us the financial information by the end of this week, this is going to be a big problem.”

On top of that, the CSAC still has not received a bond from the promotion to front fighters’ purses and other accrued costs.

Update: 12:14 AM: ‘The Ultimate Fighter 5’ contestant Gabe Ruediger has been released from his UFC contract and had his “administrative suspension” lifted by the NSAC meaning he can compete on the card.


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