Jackson’s Arraignment Postponed Indefinitely

Quinton Jackson. Photo property of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The arraignment of former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, which was scheduled to take place tomorrow afternoon at the Harbor Justice Center in Laguna Niguel, California, has been postponed indefinitely pending further investigation according to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Jackson was arrested last month following a high-speed chase involving Costa Mesa police officers after Jackson allegedly fled the scene of an accident he was involved in. Jackson struck three more vehicles, ran through numerous red lights, and nearly struck pedestrians on the sidewalk before finally voluntarily stopping. He has been charged with felony violations of hit-and-run, evading police, and reckless driving.

Reported new evidence is the reasoning behind the delay. Whether or not it is also related to the fact that 38-year-old Holli Griggs, who was driving her Cadillac Escalade when Jackson’s truck sideswiped her during his run from police, reportedly had a miscarriage, is currently unknown.

“The district attorney’s office is responsible for filing charges and [Jackson’s] case is still under investigation based on some new evidence that has been discovered,” Orange County D.A. Spokesperson Farrah Emami told Sherdog.com. “There were different incidents that occurred in different jurisdictions. We’re looking at all of this as one potential case. The recommendations of the police are taken into consideration, but it could be more charges or less charges, depending on what the evidence reports.”

Emami also went on to say that Jackson and his legal team would be advised of a new court date as soon as the continuing investigation was over. No timeline was given.

Jackson made his first public appearance following his arrest at a pre-fight press conference for last weekend’s UFC 87, where he stood at the podium beside UFC President Dana White, who claimed that Jackson was healthy and could return to action sooner than thought.

“Apparently they tell us he is healthy”, White said at the press conference. “He is healthy, mentally and physically and will back in the UFC soon. They took him in for psychiatric evaluation for 72 hours, and what they came back with, was that there was nothing wrong with him mentally, it was physically. He was exhausted. Severe dehydration and that caused something called delirium.”

Jackson was grateful towards White for being one of the first people to reach out to him after his incident with police. Reports stated that White came to Orange County Central Jail to bail Jackson out along with his former trainer, Juanito Ibarra.

“Dana is all over my back, all of the time,” Jackson said. “Did you eat? Did you sleep? (Are) you drinking water? Like I’m two years old. I love Dana. He was the first one there to take care of me, to show me his love. That’s all I needed was for someone to show me love.”

Additional reports suggest that the UFC may be interested in Jackson’s services for their annual New Year’s Eve show on December 27th against either Wanderlei Silva or Mauricio “Shogun” Rua.


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