Is Mousasi Setting His Sights Too High?

Gegard Mousasi. Photo courtesy of Fighting and Entertainment Group.

He’s only 23-years-old and he’s already one of the world’s top-ranked middleweights. At this point in time, it seems that the sky is the limit for Gegard Mousasi, who knocked off the likes of Denis Kang and Melvin Manhoef en route to capturing the vacant DREAM middleweight title last year. However Mousasi seems dead set on leaving the weight class in which he has experienced so much success so quickly in favor of the light heavyweight division, citing natural growth of his body no longer allowing him to make the cut to 185 lbs.

According to Mousasi, a move to light heavyweight may only be temporary. Is he having second thoughts and planning to move back to middleweight? Not exactly, he tells Sherdog:

Light heavyweight is only a pitstop for Mousasi, though.

“To be honest, I want to go to heavyweight,” he says. “I think if it’s something you do and you win, people will be surprised, and I like that. It was always my dream to be the best. If you say, ‘I’m the best heavyweight’ it feels like you’re the best heavyweight in the world. If you say, ‘I’m the best middleweight,’ there’s always a couple of guys above you that could beat you.”

If all goes as planned inside his cool but calculated mind, Mousasi will make his U.S. debut at Affliction and M-1 Global’s third event in June or July carrying 225-230 pounds on his frame the natural way.

Mousasi was never an overly large or physically defined middleweight, so I’m wondering what makes him think that he would still be able to perform at a high level with a ton of extra weight added on. Mousasi also goes on to say in the article that he believes his comparable speed and strength to training partner Fedor Emelianenko will give him an advantage at heavyweight.

At this point, I don’t see how this is going to benefit his career at all. He’s had a boatload of success at 185 lbs at such a young age and the feasibility with which he’ll be able to cut weight now compared to when he gets older should make his stay at middleweight last through the prime of his career. Let’s just say if he does goes through with this, it’s going to be interesting to watch for sure.


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