Is Mike Swick Better Off at Middleweight?

With Mike Swick rumored to be finally making his debut at welterweight against Josh Burkman next month, I feel that I’m forced to ask the question…

Would Swick be better off staying at 185 lbs? In my opinon, he would.

Burkman is a pretty talented wrestler and we saw in Swick’s fight against Yushin Okami that he doesn’t quite have the takedown defense or wrestling ability that would allow him to be able to stay on his feet where he’s obviously most comfortable.

In fact, the welterweight division is chock full of wrestlers - Burkman, Matt Hughes, Georges St. Pierre, Karo Parisyan, Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch, and soon enough Tommy Speer just to name a few. Now Koscheck and Fitch won’t be a problem since they all have agreed that they won’t fight each other being that they all train at the American Kickboxing Academy. All they are doing to do is pretty much help him improve his wrestling anyway in training. Unfortunately for Swick, wrestling isn’t something that can be mastered and perfected in a short amount of time.

Compare that to the amount of fighters in the middleweight division that would present a bad style matchup for Swick and you have a far less number.

Oh, but Swick is undersized for 185 lbs!!!11

Swick was too small for 205 lbs when he was on The Ultimate Fighter and he was a little thin for the middleweight division as well. Well guess what? There are more than a few guys at 170 lbs that could be fighting up another weight class pretty easily. Basically if he works on some takedown defense and adds a little wrestling to his game, he’ll do just fine.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens if Koscheck gets back on track and Swick puts together a winning streak that allows the both of them to move up the rankings and join Fitch up there. Will the UFC attempt to get two of them to come to some sort of agreement to fight each other in exchange for a potential title shot?


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