Is DREAM’s Use of Canseco Going Too Far?

Jose Canseco. From pokerwire on Flickr.

Everyone loves a good freak show fight every now and then. That’s why there has been so many of them. Sure, they’ve been almost exclusive to Japan, but that’s because the Japanese enjoy them the most. No sense in moving them anywhere else.

DREAM seems willing to pick up where PRIDE Fighting Championships left off and has booked former MLB slugger Jose Canseco to be part of their first-ever “Super Hulk Tournament”. Why? DREAM desperately needs a ratings boost and Canseco needs the money. It’s a perfect match for the two.

In turn, many have expressed worry about Canseco, who in terms of combat sports only has two amateur boxing matches to his credit - a brutal TKO loss to former NFL player Vai Sikahema and a lackluster draw against celebrity reject Danny Bonaduce. Even the king of freak show bouts, Bob Sapp, is worried:

“He could get seriously injured,” said Sapp, who was as shocked as anyone when Canseco’s name was announced for the tournament. “Hong-man Choi [who once knocked out Sapp in a kickboxing match] is a lot bigger. [Canseco] got knocked out by a football player. I think it’s being put together because it’s a good opportunity for Choi to get more popular by beating up a famous American celebrity.”

Canseco has been adamant in saying that nothing is official in regards to his participation in the tournament. He’s been slotted to face Hong-Man Choi in the tourney’s first round. Unfortunately, Choi is the easiest draw for Canseco. If Gegard Mousasi or Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou get their hands on him, we could have some serious trouble. Here’s to Canseco putting his health before his wallet and withdrawing his name from the event before he gets himself seriously hurt.


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